Enhanced Design Workspace with Dedicated File Uploader for Designers

shinay key

I'd appreciate it if there could be a dedicated file uploader section exclusively for designers, serving as a central hub for administrative tasks. This space would be distinct from the client's interface and intended for the designer's use. In this section, I envision the ability to upload various attachments, including welcome packets and other pertinent documents. These files could be shared with clients when necessary or kept in a repository until ready for distribution in a project, perhaps as overall templates.

I believe it would be beneficial for designers to have a designated area mirroring the client's interface. Similar to the client-side project page menu with options like "more" encompassing notes, time tracking, contracts, and attachments, the designer should also have a corresponding section. This space would allow designers to upload universal contracts and attachments, providing a seamless and organized workflow.
More like this section in the attachment below