Time Tracker > Ensure tracked time is ordered from Oldest (Date Recorded) to Newest when adding hours to Invoices

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Cole Mackin

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Robin Daly

Will I be able to upload the time tracker data to a spreadsheet? I want to review internally how time is being divided amongst my projects, and want to look at all projects at once.


Cole Mackin

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Lanna Ali-Hassan

I think the request is that currently they populate to the invoice in the order they were added to the time tracker when they should reorder themselves in chronological order once they are transferred to the invoice. I sometimes have to go back and add missed time to the tracker and I see them populate out of order on the invoice.

Separate note, is this update in any way related to the fact that time is now showing in the time tracker from oldest to newest? We now have to scroll to pages 2, 3, 4, etc to get to the most recent entries. They used to be on page 1. Also, the dates are now showing year, month, date when they used to show month, date, year.

Also, if you now make an edit to an entry it changes the date to the current date (i.e. the date the edit was made) once you hit save rather than keeping the original date. This is a major issue because as of right now I have to go back in and write "already billed" next to each entry once I send an invoice to ensure I don't charge for something 2x by accident since the system doesn't gray out time billing line items that are already attached to an invoice. So now I have to add my note, save and then go back in and change it back to the original date.


Cole Mackin

Hey Lanna,

Thanks for sharing!

Just a heads up that we have a secondary ticket in place to handle the ordering of tracked time on the Time Tracker Page > designfiles.upvoty.com/b/feature-requests/time-tracker-page-show-time-tracked-entries-with-newest-on-top-oldest-on-bottom/ -- we accidentally switched this to show oldest -> newest.

We'll aim to have this fix live by Thurs/Friday.


For the last note (about tracked time being added to Invoices) -- I like the gray'd out idea. On a side note... once hours are added to an Invoice, they can no longer be re-added (to avoiding doubling up).

I'll double check that this is working as expected.


Cole Mackin

Status changed to: Planned